Every year we set time aside to look ahead at what’s happening in our Virtual Assistant world and the world in general; then we have a look at how we can make our own business better as well as asking our clients what they need. This means consulting with our franchisees and doing everything we can to make sure our business stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest in our industry. In other words, we apply a full health check to Pink Spaghetti. 
It’s what we do for our clients so we health-check ourselves to make sure we practice what we preach! This time the conclusion from our own health check was to update our website and evolve our services
Our new website is a complete renovation rather than just a new lick of paint - it’s also improved the way it works for our current and prospective clients. 
And then there are our new services. For example, as the tech world moves on as rapidly as ever (who else wishes they’d bought at least one bitcoin?), then we’re setting out to help our clients get to grips with new and useful tech. 
We’re here to champion and help small businesses. After all, we’re a collection of small businesses ourselves, sharing our collective expertise gained in the corporate world with all our terrific clients. If we know one thing after this tough year, it’s that there are always surprises coming our way but, by being well-organised and efficient, we’ll be in the best shape possible to handle anything that is thrown at us. 
A virtual business manager is the equivalent of having management support with an additional perspective on strategy. This is alongside providing operational support, for specific projects or on an ongoing basis. We can help you manage your teams, give you the headspace for planning and also be a confidential sounding board for ideas and business development
When would this service work for you? 
o If you have a property ready to rent out but are not sure where to start. 
o If you rent out a holiday let, but aren’t sure if your guests have everything they could want. 
o You don’t have the time or inclination to deal with all the administration
This is where a Pink Spaghetti PA can step in, with a range of services to market and operate your property professionally and attract the right customers on your behalf. 
This is such an important action for any business, and we offer it for free. Health checks are an excellent way to take stock because they identify and resolve issues you haven’t had time to address, and which critically could be slowing your business growth. The systems that worked when you started out are unlikely to be ideal or even adequate after a period of growth. The way it works is that our Pink Spaghetti Virtual Assistants identify what’s working well and what business owners could do to enhance each area selected for a health check, leading to a report with specific recommendations. 
The topics we most frequently do health checks for include the below, but we can look at many other aspects of your business. 
There’s no need to dodge tech anymore because it overwhelms you - all you need is a super-competent tech VA who’s savvy with these systems, is always up to date on latest tech and is happiest when setting it all up and sharing some words of wisdom on how to use it. 
Canva, Zoom, Click-up, Trello and more … there’s a whole host of them out there all vying for your business. Our purpose is to make life as easy as possible for you and that includes evaluating the best tech systems, setting them up and then showing you how to use them so you can work smarter, not harder. 
Our new website has been designed to make it easier and faster for clients to find what they’re looking for, including: 
● Information on pricing clarity with both pay as you go and retainer pricing options. 
● Superior map search functionality so you can easily find the location of your closest VA, if proximity is important to you. 
● New blog feature This allows us to expand on topics which are top of mind for us and our clients. 
● A new blog search feature too, so if you think you’d like to know more on a topic then type a keyword in and it’ll show you our relevant previous posts. From outsourcing to working from home and how to hire a VA, we’re talking trending topics and sharing our top tips. And if you don’t find the answer, then please email or call us. Better still we’ll dedicate our next blog post to your topics because if you wanted to know, then chances are you won’t be the only one. 
We believe in our community 
Yes, it’s our business to be successful in what we do, but we are also people too and, amongst the ticking off to-do lists, we believe in the human side of our job which is to care for our clients, provide an opportunity to chat, have a laugh and get to know each other a little better over a virtual cup of coffee. 
Here’s to making 2021 a much more promising year for our Pink Spaghetti community. 
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