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About Us 


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Welcome to Pink Spaghetti, where we're not just about virtual assistance; we're about creating time, building relationships, and helping your business thrive. Founded in 2009 by friends Caroline Gowing and Vicky Matthews, our journey began at a swimming lesson with our daughters, Charlotte and Holly, who were just under a year old. 

Our Founding Story 

Both of us, Caroline and Vicky, found ourselves at a crossroads in our corporate careers. Caroline was reaching the end of a contract, and Vicky had the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy. Together, we decided to embark on a mission to assist those who lacked access to personal assistants but were time-strapped. Pink Spaghetti was born, named after our daughters' favourite food - spaghetti, and their favourite colour - pink! 
Core Values 
Over the years, our business has evolved, but our core values remain steadfast. We believe in very clear and upfront pricing, honesty, and integrity. Recognising that we are a relationship-based business, trust is paramount. Our customers put their trust in us, and we are committed to always delivering on that trust. 
Our Customers 
Our customers are the heartbeat of Pink Spaghetti—brilliant, entrepreneurial small business owners with diverse ventures. Often accustomed to being in complete control, they find it challenging to delegate. However, understanding the need to create more time in their businesses, they turn to virtual assistance to ensure growth without sacrificing personal time. 
Growth and Recognition 
Since our inception, Pink Spaghetti has grown consistently, with our original area still thriving. In 2012, we expanded through franchising, and today, we boast over 50 franchisees across the country. We are proud to be the only virtual assistant business to appear in the Elite 100 franchises for five consecutive years, a testament to our commitment to excellence. 

Our Unique Franchise Model 

At Pink Spaghetti, we are a relationship-based business that values personal connections. We charge only for the time used, and our franchisees are highly trained professionals, and all staff are employed directly by Pink Spaghetti, we do not run as an agency or subcontract. Our local franchisees and teams ensure a virtual yet personalised service, allowing customers to save on office space and operational costs. 
Core Values in Action 
Positivity, proactiveness, and tenacity define everyone in our network. We are doers, problem solvers, and organised individuals striving to bring calm and extra time to the chaotic world of small business. Passionate about small and microbusiness owners, we consider ourselves small business experts. 
Our Vision 
Our vision is to become the natural choice for any business owner seeking to grow a successful business. Pink Spaghetti aims to be renowned for trustworthy pricing, exceptional value, and going above and beyond for our clients. 
Industry Insight and Knowledge 
Being a franchise allows us to stay ahead of industry changes. Our head office team constantly monitors shifts in systems and updates in social media, disseminating this knowledge through our network. This proactive approach allows our franchisees to educate and inform clients without spending excessive time on research. 

Exceptional Franchise Model 

Our franchise model offers exceptional training and support. Franchisees are collaborative, non-competing, and benefit from unlimited support. With a network of skilled individuals, we ensure that help and training are readily available whenever needed. 
Building Skills, Sharing Knowledge 
We leverage the skills within our network to benefit customers. Our ambassadors, experts and experienced franchisees, run sessions for our network, fostering a culture of constant communication, networking, and knowledge-sharing. Our annual conference and mentoring program further strengthen this collaborative approach. Our online learning system gives franchisees access to new systems, information on new services and allows upskilling at any point. 
Client-Centric Approach 
Knowing our clients personally, we adapt to their communication preferences while remaining focused and efficient. Clients often refer to us as "fairy godmothers" for our ability to suggest solutions tailored to their unique needs. 
Future Plans 
Looking forward, we aim to bring around six new franchisees each year, ensuring they are the right fit. Our goal is to continually add value to the network, ultimately benefiting our customers. 

Upholding Vicky's Legacy 

In 2023, co-founder Vicky Matthews passed away after a battle with brain cancer. Her values, drive, and commitment to staying true to her path remain our guiding force. Co-founder Caroline continues to lead Pink Spaghetti with a support team who have been with Pink Spaghetti for between 3 and 11 years, ensuring Vicky's legacy lives on. 
Consistent Excellence 
Our clients can be confident in our service, knowing that the basics are consistently done. All franchisees are GDPR compliant, and adhere to clear audit procedures. We have a development program that focuses on leadership skills, finances, and forecasting, empowering franchisees to grow successful businesses with the support of our Head Office. 
Accessible and Approachable 
Pink Spaghetti was designed to be accessible and approachable to all. As a reputable brand with a passion for helping small business owners, we stand by our commitment to providing exceptional value and unwavering support. 

Join us at Pink Spaghetti, where we're not just about virtual assistance; we're about building relationships and helping your business flourish. 

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