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Why Pink Spaghetti? 

Experts in helping capable business people to transform their professional skills and talents into successful businesses, Pink Spaghetti’s model, proven over 10 years, helps you find the freedom, fulfilment and earning power you need and the quality of life you crave. 
Through comprehensive training and mentorship, practical resources and continuous support from our engaged community of like-minded franchisees, Pink Spaghetti puts your skills to work for you – today and into the future. 
Pink Spaghetti. 
Your skills, your business, your life. 
We’ll help you to develop a successful business from your home 
You’ll decide how to run it, so that you can have the best work/life balance 
You’ll enjoy a new sense of confidence, achievement and fulfilment 
Our Pink Spaghetti franchises cost £7995 (+VAT). Occasionally we have established franchise areas for sale too. Click here to view our current availability. 
Each franchisee has their own exclusive, large territory, along with the rights to marketing opportunities within that zone. This means that there’s no competition between franchisees and you can all support each other. 

Quality of life 

For too long we have juggled time, ticked boxes, spread ourselves too thin and danced on the border of burnout. At Pink Spaghetti we understand that without significant compromise, achieving work life balance is impossible and instead of pursuing that unrealistic goal our approach helps franchisees to achieve differently. 
Our model helps franchisees channel their existing professional skills & talents into thriving businesses of their own that support genuine quality of life and allow them to live with less restriction, stress and frustration and more freedom, fulfillment and personal achievement. 

Financial freedom 

As the most common motivation to work, money is critical to support modern life. An income that equals the basic demands of daily life is essential, but real quality of life comes with greater earning potential and financial freedom. 
Unlike mainstream employment, Pink Spaghetti franchisees unlock the value of their existing skills, talents and work ethic for their own financial benefit. As they work hard to build their businesses with the support of our valuable network, Pink Spaghetti franchisees’ reap their own rewards with earning potential that is restricted only by their commitment to – and appetite for – growth. Our model helps franchisees stop trading their time for money and instead supports them in scaling their businesses, increasing profitability, surpassing the financial needs of day-to-day life, and working towards their financial and lifestyle goals. 

Choice & flexibility 

Running your own Pink Spaghetti business gives you unlimited choice and flexibility. As the ultimate decision-maker, you get to set your goals and decide how to achieve them. 
With the autonomy to work with the people they want, the way they want, where, when and how they want, Pink Spaghetti franchisees agree how they work with their clients and become valued and respected parts of their teams. From home, or their office, on regular or ad-hoc hours to suit everyone’s needs, you get to shape your professional life around your personal life with an integration that lets you live and grow, free from the constraints of mainstream employment. 

Emotional fulfillment 

When you’re stuck in a rut and work is more frustrating than fulfilling, change is the way forward. 
Whatever makes you tick; from being valued and respected, to working with like-minded people who share outlooks, challenges and goals, to having an impact on the world around you, you can become the master of your own destiny with Pink Spaghetti. 
Because our model guides franchisees in structuring their businesses, supports as they find the right kind of clients, and mentors as they shape client relationships, Pink Spaghetti franchisees can use their strengths and assets to achieve professional and personal fulfillment in whatever way is most rewarding to them. 

A rich and supportive community 

From lone-working franchisees to more established franchise teams, our inclusive community holds incredible experience across specialties and categories. As part of Pink Spaghetti, this expertise is at your fingertips. 
Through our ‘always on’ digital platform, our X-strong dedicated support team and our non-competing network of like-minded franchisees, with their teams, collaborate as standard; sharing challenges, knowledge and work, providing back-up resource, offering practical hands-on support, and generally adding value to each others’ businesses and clients. 
Lively, motivational, practical and responsive, we share, work, succeed and celebrate together, each one of us supported, recognized and respected for the role we play in the overall success of the network. 

Building a business 

Your skills, talents and time are all valuable resources and by reframing them to form a business that is tailored to support your life and focused on your goals – rather than you employer’s – is the smart choice. 
Whilst our franchisees might consider themselves VAs, PAs, or any other type of business support, first and foremost they are business owners. Not only does a Pink Spaghetti franchise make you your own boss and bring day-to-day freedom and flexibility that mainstream employment simply can’t match, it also means your efforts will benefit you directly and become a long-term investment in your future. 
Pink Spaghetti’s ‘business in a box’ approach gives you everything you need to build a sought-after business. Our tried-and-tested model cuts-short your learning-curve to get you up-and-running in no time and help you avoid common pitfalls. Whilst our supportive network and ongoing mentoring give you the confidence and clarity that comes with having an active and experienced team behind you. 

A proven model 

Pink Spaghetti has been transforming frustrated employees into successful business owners for over 10 years and today our network includes XX thriving franchises that support hundreds of clients around the country/world. 
Our proven model provides capable business-people with the framework and guidance they need to turn their skills and work ethic into thriving businesses that integrate with their lifestyles, rather than fight against them. 
Our ‘business in a box’ approach makes set-up pain-free and helps franchisees avoid common pit-falls, whilst our comprehensive, continuous training programme not only fills any knowledge gaps to get you up-and-running in no time, but also keeps you on the front foot. 
Because our franchise territories operate on a strictly non-competing basis our network collaborates as standard. Our ‘always on’ digital platform is a thriving hub where challenges, solutions, knowledge and work are shared, back-up resource is arranged, and other practical support is readily available. It’s the way we grow as individual franchises and as a network. 
The ongoing success of our network drives our meticulous screening process and ensures Pink Spaghetti franchises are of the highest standard. Experience tells us that not everyone is cut out to be a Pink Spaghetti success, so when we welcome you to the network you can be reassured you have what it takes. 

Training & mentorship 

To begin with, Pink Spaghetti franchisees invariably don’t recognise the combined power of their skills, knowledge and work ethic. Through experience we can identify the commercial value of these assets, then help franchisees shape what they have to create sought-after businesses that support their lifestyles. 
Focused on getting franchises operating smoothly as soon as possible, our initial training and mentorship is tailored to individual needs, filling any critical knowledge gaps, establishing the necessary infrastructure, building confidence and demonstrating how to make the most of the powerful Pink Spaghetti network. 
But our support doesn’t stop there. We make it our business to equip franchisees with everything they need to succeed. Our comprehensive and continual development approach teaches the essential skills to confidently establish a business, mentors our franchisees as developing, nurturing and growing a stable client base becomes second nature, and as success unfolds our guidance continues to help with goal setting, growth strategy and motivation. 
At Pink Spaghetti we succeed together. 


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