Our new year training will start on January 9th 2023. 
We already have two people ready to start their own business, one from York and one from Durham. We can train up to 4 together, and these people often become great friends. 
Our training is done in three phases. 
The first phase is done at your own pace, before January. You get access to our Pink Academy on line training platform, and work through a series of chapters to get you prepare to start your own business, from branding and IT to a list of tasks to complete such as banking and HMRC. This is all to make life simple for you and most people are eager to get started! 
The January training takes place over 3 weeks – with sessions most days run via video call. You will train on a huge variety of topics, all with one of the support team who specialises in a particular area. On most days the sessions are between 1 and 2 hours long. All the training will be with your training cohort, and you will leave each training session with tasks to complete to support your knowledge – to bed in what you have learned before moving onto the next topic. 
Over the three weeks you will be guided through everything you need to get your business started, from technical, marketing, running your business, finances and sales. You will be in no doubt who your customer is, where they are and how you charge. You will also meet with other, more experienced franchisees and ambassadors so you have plenty of people to reach out to throughout the early stages of your Pink Spaghetti career. 
Remote training is excellent, but there is nothing like meeting face to face, so our final formal training takes place in early March in Cheshire over 2 days. Here we get to meet you, and you us, and we bring in some outside experts to add to our training. 

Support, support, support 

Once your initial training is complete, our mentoring starts, and this never ends, although there is more in the early stages. In addition we have monthly training sessions for the first year covering areas of your business that would overwhelm you if we covered them in the early stages. 
What can you earn? 
This is up to you! Of course with any business, it takes time to get going, but once you are up and running, your drive, ambition and number of hours are your only limit to your earnings. Our established franchisees are regularly earning between £50 and £100k. We will always have an honest conversation with you about what you can expect and when. 
Our 5 Star rating – what it means for you. 
We are proud of our 5 star franchisee satisfaction – independently run, all our franchisees grade us on all areas of our business, from the initial training onwards, in an anonymous survey. This means you can be sure that what we say we will deliver, we deliver. 
Team work 
Our strength is our network, and our relationship between franchisees and the Support Team. You are never alone, we support you to build your business in a way that suits you – with a great work life balance. Hard work? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely! 
If you just want to find out a little bit more, then please book a discovery call with one of our team. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and no obligation to proceed. 
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