7 Reasons Why Admin Should Be a Priority In Your Business 

Over the years, we have discovered a lot about the importance of administration and organisation and we're often shocked at how this aspect is entirely overlooked in some companies, which can cost businesses thousands in lost revenue. 

In this blog, we give you the run-down of why you should be making admin a priority in your business and how it can help to improve your business and increase your profit. 
1. Poor Admin Can Cause Unnecessary Stress 
Life as a business owner can be hard enough, without having to add unnecessary stress to the situation! When you haven’t been keeping proper records of what’s happening within your business, this can cause you stress in a variety of ways. 
As a business owner, you need to be nurturing good mental health, and addressing everything that causes you poor mental health. And if you’re not keeping on top of sales, client data, refunds, perhaps even employee wages—you’re soon going to find yourself in a stressful mess. 
Getting into a good flow with admin can feel quite stressful to start—especially if you’re not used to proper admin keeping. But in the long run it is worth it and will save you time, stress, and money. As soon as you’ve adopted a good rhythm with your record keeping and administration systems, you’ll never look back. 
2. Poor Record Keeping Could Cause You Legal Issues 
Although many of us start our own businesses for more independence and freedom, business is still an institution that has legal responsibilities and restrictions. Essentially, you can’t just wing it and do what you want! 
If you haven’t sorted out your legal paperwork for your products and services and come into issues with clients wanting refunds, then you could find yourself in hot water, and even legal trouble. 
Also, there are lots of laws around data protection, sensitive information, and how companies must store, use, and share private data. If you’re not adhering to these laws, you could also easily find yourself in trouble. 
3. Poor Admin and Organisation Can Get You Into Debt With Taxes And Suppliers 
Poor administration and organisation almost always have a negative effect on the cash flow of the business. If you have no idea what’s truly coming in and out of your business, you’ll either get into debt with your suppliers and the ‘tax man’, or you’ll go bust before you get to that point. 
Administration and good organisation is a key aspect of running a profitable business. There’s no two ways about it. 
In order to set aside the right amount of money to pay your tax bill every year, you need to ensure that you have proper record keeping of your incoming cash flow and business expenses. 
Once you start getting into debt, it can be hard to get yourself out of it—so it’s best to avoid it altogether if you can. When you put things into perspective, yes it may seem hard getting yourself into a comfortable flow with your administration, but it’s certainly much harder being in debt or running a struggling business. 
4. Good Administration Can Save You Time and Can Increase Productivity 
We all know that time management is of paramount importance for business owners. But did you know that good administration can save you a ton of time, and therefore money? 
If a customer receives the wrong product, or asks for a refund, and you have no idea where to find their order—this is going to take you time to try and find their invoice details. 
Or perhaps an employee has an issue with their wage slip, but you haven’t been keeping on top of their working hours - this is also going to take you loads of time to try and find out what has happened. 
If you had proper record keeping systems in place, these details would be quick and easy to find. That time saved can be spent doing much more important tasks—such as making more money for your business! 
Good administration can also help you to save time by helping you to prioritise tasks properly. Prioritising tasks that are most important can help you increase your productivity and make more money—because you’ll have a strategic plan to separate competing priorities into order of importance. 
Good administration and having a priority list can save you loads of time, and allows you to address your most urgent task first. 
5. Good Admin and Organisation Can Help To Increase Your Profit 
Good administration and organisation can help you to lower your costs and increase your profit. By keeping a record of what you pay for supplies or services, you can compare the costs to other companies who may offer you to same supplies or services for much cheaper. 
If you sell perishable goods, you can also save money and increase your profit through good record keeping and admin. For example, if you regularly have donuts left over specifically on a Friday—you’ll know that you don’t need as many donuts on Friday. This allows you to save the unsold products from perishing. 
You might also notice that you tend to sell a lot of donuts on Monday, and never seem to have enough. This could lead you to making more donuts on Mondays and increasing your profit! 
6. Great Administration Can Improve Your Customer Service 
Customer service is a really important aspect of business. Often, customers will return to your business because you’ve built a good relationship with them, and they had a good customer experience. 
Good administration helps to ensure that your customer receives the correct services or products, and ensures that any issues that do arise, are sorted out promptly and effectively. 
7. Good Admin and Record Keeping Can Help You To Improve Your Marketing Strategy 
If you’re not keeping a tab on what’s working and what’s not in your marketing strategy through good administration—then you’re missing out on sales and money! 
Google analytics and social media analytics both require good organisation and admin skills in order to be able to make the most of the engagement statistics that they provide to you. 
Your marketing strategy and administration should meet in the middle with good record keeping of marketing efforts combined with sales statistics. This teaches you where to put more time and focus so that you can fine-tune your sales and marketing process. Having an effective marketing strategy also helps to give you an advantage over your competitors. 
How You Can Improve Administration in Your Business 
Administration is a vital priority that shouldn’t be overlooked - even if you run a small business. But you might not know where to start, or you might not have the time! Did you know that Pink Spaghetti services can help? There is no task too small or big for us to handle. 
If you need help with your administration, sales, and marketing—we can be your 25th hour. You no longer need to an employ an executive assistant, simply delegate to Pink Spaghetti! 
We offer bespoke services for SMEs that are looking to improve their business and increase profit and can help with a variety of different tasks on an ad hoc or reoccurring monthly basis. 
If you’re needing to improve your administrative process, but don’t know where to start—then we can help with our extensive experience of admin, sales, and marketing. 
Either we can help you to put a system in place that suits you, so that you can continue to manage administrative tasks on your own, or you can delegate the entire task to us so that you don’t need to lift a finger. 
Other businesses we work with love our administrative assistant services, because it means that they can spend more time doing higher priority tasks that they can’t delegate out! 
Wondering if we can help you reach your business goals and achieve a better work life balance? Don’t hesitate to contact us today. 
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