Do you dream of financial freedom and more time to do the things you love? 

And does your business support these goals, or do you need to make some changes to achieve financial and time freedom? 

Whether you have a new business, established business, small business or medium-sized business this article is designed to help to inspire you. In this article, we are going to run through the different ways that you can scale your business, increase profit, and have a better work life balance whilst you're at it. 
Improve Your Customer Service and Relationships 
We have found that improving your customer service and the relationships that you have with your clients is a great way to boost business growth and increase cash flow. Customers that have a good experience are more likely to become repeat customers. 
Think about the different ways in which you can make your customers' experience more enjoyable, valuable, and memorable. 
Getting repeat business is a smart way of scaling your business because you don’t have to spend as much money on the marketing and sales strategy of repeat clients than you do compared to a totally new customer. 
You can improve your relationship with clients and client satisfaction by contacting them regularly with deals, offers, and genuinely valuable content that helps to improve their lives. 
This helps you to stay on their radar, so if they do need the services and products that you provide, you’ll be the first business they turn to. 
Use Email Marketing 
Using email marketing is a great way to improve your customer relationships and scale your business. You can directly reach your clients through their inbox and most importantly, you can tailor the content you send them unlike other forms of marketing (apart from targeted paid ads). 
When you use email marketing you can categorise the clients on your email list so that you send offers which are actually of interest to your target audience. For example, if you sell home improvement products and a client has recently bought a new cooker, the chances are this person may be interested in, or in the process of, updating their kitchen. 
This means they might be interested in a range of other kitchen products that you offer, and you can send them these products in the hopes that they might purchase something else. This is often a lot more effective than blindly sending random products, in the hopes that they might be interested. 
Using targeted ads through email marketing in an easy way to combine good customer relationships with scaling your business for more profit. 
Increase Your Brand Awareness 
Increasing your brand awareness is another good way to scale your business, and this can be done through a variety of different ways. Perhaps you want to improve your content marketing strategy and focus more on social media marketing. Or maybe you’d like to try new avenues of marketing and PR that you haven’t tried before. 
Collaborating with other businesses that are in your niche but are not direct competitors is a great way to increase brand awareness. Advertising space in print media, podcasts, YouTube videos, and on radio channels are also great ways to do this. 
The more your brand is known, the more it is trusted and seen as an authority in your field. Investing in good marketing and PR is a smart way to increase your profit and scale your business. 
Reward Customer Loyalty 
It is much smarter to retain clients than it is to consistently look for new ones. A lot more time and effort, and therefore money, goes into building a new relationship with a potential client, than nurturing an already existing relationship that you have with an existing customer. 
A good way to increase your profit is to nurture customer loyalty and reward your existing clients to increase customer satisfaction. Perhaps you can offer discounts on their birthdays, provide friends and family discounts, or discounts for block bookings. A happy loyal customer is going to be a repeat client, time and time again. And they will also recommend you to others through word of mouth, which is the cheapest marketing strategy there is! 
Use An Affiliate Program 
Affiliate programs are great ways to increase your reach and profit without having to do more sales and marketing. With affiliate marketing, other people independently do your sales and marketing for you, and you simply provide them with a percentage of the sale in return. 
Many businesses have been successfully scaled using the affiliate marketing model. And one of the best parts of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to invest money or hire employees or freelancers. Simply devise a good affiliate program and invest into some solid legal contracts and you’re ready to go. You can find many affiliate program legal templates online to buy. 
Analyse Your Sales Strategy 
You should be doing regular audits of your sales strategy, but this is often overlooked. Regularly analysing your sales strategy can help you to grow your customer base, increase your profit margin, and scale through sustainable growth. 
Through your analysis you can spot gaps in the market, and areas that can be improved too. Perhaps there are certain marketing efforts that simply don’t provide a good return on investment (ROI), and they can be dropped in place of expanding other areas of your sales strategy that do provide a good ROI. And perhaps you can spot better ways to convert your potential customer into a client. 
It is good practice to analyse both your sales and marketing strategy together. Perhaps you can enhance your digital marketing efforts in areas where you are already seeing success to improve your conversions? Business success relies on effective sales and marketing strategies that are adapted through the life cycle of your business. 
Delegate Tasks to Others 
Have you thought about which parts of your business you can delegate out? Delegating tasks out allows you to increase and expand your business. As you grow, you simply can’t continue to do everything yourself. At some point, you’ll need to let go and trust others to do tasks for you. 
Many business owners struggle with relinquishing control of every minor detail of their business and with delegating tasks to others. But the truth is, if you want your business to scale and expand—you have to get comfortable with other people doing things for you. 
If you are investing in high-quality and trustworthy freelancers or contractors that are experts in their field, often they’ll actually do the job better than you can—because it’s their niche field of expertise. 
For example, working with sales reps can help to expand your business because they’ll be on top of the latest sales and marketing developments and will know all the tips and tricks to reach your target market and convert leads into sales. 
Automate Your Business 
Automating as much of your business as possible is going to be your key to freedom as a business owner. Whether this is automation using other key people that you delegate tasks to, such as a Virtual Assistant and sales reps or administration assistants—or whether this is technical automation. Either way, automation is going to allow your business to keep growing and thriving whilst you are able to achieve a better work life balance and step away from your business. 
If you centre yourself, and your entire business is based on you, you may gain financial freedom, but it's unlikely that you’ll have the time to enjoy it because you’ll be tied to your business. 
Every large successful business out there relies on some kind of automation, and these automations have allowed the businesses to scale, and handsomely profit. 
Outsource Customer Support 
There are a variety of different parts of your business model that you can outsource to help you automate and scale, customer support is a great example. When you outsource, not only are you no longer tied by your limited time, because you have others doing the tasks for you, it also frees you up to do more important things within your business that you can’t delegate out. 
You’ll notice that many successful businesses outsource their customer support because this is a task that someone else can easily be trained to do. As a small business owner, outsourcing is a key ingredient that allows you to scale with rapid growth. 
Business Planning 
Your business plan is not a one-time project. You should be revisiting your business plan regularly and setting realistic goals. As your business grows and changes, so does the world around it. 
Business scaling relies on world culture, cultural norms, and what is going on within social environments. If you’re looking to increase revenue and see massive growth you need to evaluate your business as a whole, combined with your goals, and the environment that your business is operating in. 
SWOT analysis is a great start for business planning and evaluation. 
Hire A Specialist Virtual Assistant 
Did you know that Pink Spaghetti can help with every aspect of scaling your business—including those mentioned in this blog? 
Hiring a specialist VA can help you to offload and delegate so that you can free up your own time. One of the benefits of working with Pink Spaghetti is that we can tailor your services to whatever it is that you need using our extensive experience in SMEs. 
We cover a range of tasks from sales and marketing to business administration. No job is too small or big for us to handle. You can either hand over ad hoc jobs as and when they come up, or you can commit to a monthly retainer to ensure that we’ll always be on hand when you need us. 
Want to know more? Contact us today with zero obligation, to find out how we can help you reach your goals! 
We hope that you found some great tips to help you scale your business and increase profit from this article. Scaling your business is an exciting journey, good luck! 
If you are writing a business plan now and planning on becoming your own boss, we salute you! And if you’d like to find out more about virtual assistants, we’re ready to answer all your questions. Click Here to contact us now. 
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