Our top 6 tips for Google Calendar 

Do you want to be highly organised, with very little effort involved? Then Google Calendar is for you! 

Ideal for the small business owner, you can use it to schedule meetings and tasks quickly, but there are also many other ways you can use Google Calendar as the ultimate productivity tool. 
Below are our top tips on how you can super-charge your organisation with this clever Calendar: 
Create multiple Calendars for different areas of your life 
Everyone juggles various parts of their life, so make sure you have a Calendar for each one - work, personal and family, each one can have a colour-coded, free Calendar. This setup is perfect for our next tip… 
Share your Calendars 
Giving people access to your Calendar can be a very efficient way of communicating. You can control the access levels, allowing people to either view, amend or create appointments. Try scheduling one with your family, keeping one private and allowing access to your Pink Spaghetti PA to organise your work life. 
Try focus time 
Focus time means no meetings can be scheduled, giving you time to get through your to-do list without interruption – especially if you put your out-of-office on your email to cover the same time. 
Get the app 
Google Calendar is available on your browser, but there is an app too. This means you can access your Calendar with ease anywhere. 
Use the Find a Time Feature to arrange a meeting 
If you have others within your organisation using Google Calendar and you need to arrange a meeting, it can be time-consuming. However, if you add your guests to the meeting and click “find a time” next to the guests, you can see everyone’s availability. This means you get the meeting time right for everyone, the first time. 
Set your working hours 
In these days of flexible working not everyone works a traditional 9-5, so by setting your working hours people can see if they are trying to arrange a meeting outside of these, whatever hours you work. 
The whole Pink Spaghetti network uses Google Calendar and we link it with other tools such as Google Meet, Zoom and Calendly so if you want any help in setting up your Calendar in the most efficient way, contact us today. 
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