Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and there are lots of aspects which make up the marketing mix to keep your customers engaged and to help find new ones. 

A good website, performance on Google and social media all play their part, but don't underestimate the power of a good mailing list. 

Email marketing continues to be a great way to target your audience and if you're struggling for ideas or don't know where to start, here is some of our advice and top tips: 
Cleanse your lists and segment where possible 
A good email response relies on good data, so make sure you have verified, up-to-date (and GDPR approved) emails. Also try and create a list segment for your most engaged customers and try targeting them with different subjects, offers and headlines. Don't forget those clients who may have bought from you a while ago - why not offer them an incentive to shop with you/use your services again? 
Quality v Quantity 
Don't feel like you have to send lots of emails out - try and put more effort into the content and make it useful for the reader rather than bombard them. That way you have more chance of them actually engaging with your message, whether it be an offer or a brand reinforcement piece. 
Make your emails mobile-friendly (responsive email design) 
Research suggests nearly 48% of people open their emails on a phone, so make sure you are set up for your design and content to look great and work on a mobile device. Most emailing platforms give you the option to view on mobile and desktop, so be sure to check both views before you send. 
Sign Me Up! 
Where possible, use an embedded sign-up form rather than a link in your menu, as this makes for much better engagement and tracking. 
Encourage sign-ups anywhere you can 
The more people on your mailing list the better, so make it as easy as possible for them to sign up. Include a pop-up on your website, add a link on your socials and include it on all your lieterature - you could even offer special a discount for anyone who signs up. 
Send automated emails 
Most small business owners struggle for time, so make life as easy as possible for yourself by automating your emails. Create auto templates to welcome new enquirers or customers. Send a happy birthday email or a reminder to check out your shopping cart - be creative and give them lots of incentives too. 
If you're struggling to keep up with your emails or still need some help getting started, we’re ready to help. Simply Click Here to contact us now. 
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