Customer acquisition 

Possibly the hardest part of a business - but once you have them, how do you keep them? 

The obvious thing is to do a great job for them, and while this goes without saying, there are also lots of other things you can do to retain those hard-earned customers. Here are a few tips to keep them happy and loving your business. 
Customer feedback is probably one of the most valuable assets you can have. Take the time to truly listen to what they want, what they think and where you can add value and then keep this at the forefront of your mind. Also make sure you ask for reviews and reply promptly. And remember, even a bad review is worthwhile if handled well. 
Always try and look ahead and think outside the box. Don't let your business stand still. Look at new opportunites, new processes, IT solutions and products - keep innovating
Think Ahead 
Using the feedback and reviews from customers, try and anticipate what they need - or even what they don't realise they need, that way you're always sure to be one step ahead in providing a fantastic service. 
Industry Research 
How well do you know your industry? If it's like the back of your hand, great, but if not, put some time aside to do some research. Look at competitors, trends, products and services, industry news and organisations. Make it your mission to know everything there is to know so your experience and expertise really shines through to your customers. 
A Big Thanks 
How do you reward loyal customers? Do you have a special offer or a discount you can offer them? Do you send gifts or surprise and delight in some way? What about Christmas or Easter gifts? It's well worth setting aside some budget to look after and retain these clients. 
Communication Is Key 
How often to you post on Social Media? Do you send out regular newsletters? The more you can keep your customers up to date the better, as it will help keep them engaged and at the front of their mind. Don't overthink it, share a behind the scenes shot, a work anniversary or details of a new product/service - have fun with it and don't be shy! 
Honesty is the best Policy 
Sharing your business journey with your customers is so worthwhile. All businesses have teething problems and hiccups, it's about how you deal with them that counts. Be honest if there has been a mistake, own it and apologise and try and find a solution. Don't try to cover it up as you may get found out. Transparency is so important to building relationships with your clients and what keeps them coming back. 
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