Business is all about relationships - from suppliers, partners, customers to employees 

All of these need equal focus and done right can really benefit your organisation 

Let's look at how you can leverage your contacts and relationships to grow your business in more detail: 
1. Communication Style 
How does your prospect like to communicate? Do they like emails, Whatsapp messages, Zoom or Google Meet? 
Think about how they would like to receive documents or information, do they have an informal style or are they quite corporate? Are they good with technology or would a simple phone call work better? 
2. Networking 
Do you invest time in networking? If not, you'd be amazed how effective this can be when you find the right groups. Be disciplined and commit some time each week/month and try and stick to it. 
Do your research and really think about what you're trying to achieve and who you are trying to attract as a customer. Research those people before and make a point of introducing yourself. 
Try to leave the networking with 1 to 1s and a couple of coffee meetings to follow up. 
Don't forget online networking opportunities too - post-Covid-19 people are much more open to Zoom meetings and webinars, so make them work for you, or how about holding your own? 
From there, you can schedule an in-person meeting if appropriate. 
3. Acknowledge their wins 
Google alerts are great for keeping an eye on your prospects. 
Make sure you congratulate them on successes, no matter how small. Email or text if you've spotted some great press or an exciting product launch - this can further cultivate and deepen the relationship. 
Find a (valid) reason to contact them in a non-salesy way and really work at building and maintaining that relationship. 
4. Get (Strategically) Social 
Social media is a great way to engage and communicate with prospects. Keep an eye out for their posts, comment, like and share when relevant and tag or mention them in your own posts. 
Likewise, make sure your own social media is consistent and current. Following them on Twitter won’t do much good if they haven’t tweeted in 6 months, just as connecting on LinkedIn will fall flat if that’s not their platform of choice. 
Think about the style of their posts and engage accordingly - whether it's more personal or corporate. 
5. Share Valuable Content 
Keep an eye out for relevant content you can share and forward to prospects - something from their industry or a hint and tip you think may be useful. Perhaps it might be a local opportunity for them to promote their business.  
Keep it short and sweet, but explain why the content is relevant to them. This kind of specific, strategic value-add can demonstrate your understanding of the client’s needs, keep you top of mind, and make them think “If they’re helping me out this much for free, just imagine how much value they’ll provide when I officially hire them!” 
We've got lots more ideas of how you can build on those prospect relatonships, and shout if you need help with any of the above. Do get in touch
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