Frequently asked questions 

Below you will find answers to some of the questions which we’re often asked. 
Who founded Pink Spaghetti and when? 
After meeting at their children’s swimming classes, Pink Spaghetti was founded by friends Caroline Gowing and Vicky Matthews in 2009 in Cheshire. They soon realised that their success could be replicated across the country, so franchises have been available since 2012, giving other people who want to run a flexible business the benefit of their years of experience.  
Vicky sadly passed away in 2023, but the foundations laid by Vicky and Caroline continue to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to leverage their extensive expertise and run a flexible business. 
How can I keep up to date with what’s happening at Pink Spaghetti? 
Take a look at our franchisees’ Facebook pages here 
Pink Spaghetti Franchising on Facebook 
How can I keep up to date with Caroline? 
Instagram: @ThePinkBossLady,  
Caroline’s Linkedin - Follow Caroline 
Where is the head office? 
Our head office is in Northwich, Cheshire. 
How big is the market for Pink Spaghetti’s services? 
There are 5.7 million private businesses registered in the UK and 96% of them are classified as microbusinesses employing fewer than 10 people. The figures are growing every year. These are our key customers. 
Apart from the franchise fee, are there any other costs involved? 
As it is a home-based business set up costs are very low – we guide you through the additional costs in our Franchising Prospectus. 
How much can I earn? 
Established franchisees turnover between around £60k and £160k a year, depending on hours worked and the size of the team. Our established franchisees turn over, on average, £5,500 a month. 
How many franchisees are there and where are they? 
We now have over 50 franchises across the UK. View our map page to see where existing franchisees are. 
Why do you only allow one franchisee per territory? 
When you buy a franchise from us you are buying exclusive rights to market yourself as Pink Spaghetti within that geographical area. This means that you are not competing with other Pink Spaghetti franchisees for work, which facilitates collaboration within the network. 
Can I speak to an existing franchisee? 
As part of our process, after we’ve met you and established you are right for us and we are right for you, we offer the chance to speak to franchisees of your choice. We ask you not to contact them directly before as they are busy people. 
How do you choose franchisees, and do you turn people down? 
We are looking for people who have the drive to run and grow their own business, rather than just work as a PA. It is important that every Pink Spaghetti PA is able to offer our services to the high standard our customers expect, so we certainly do not offer a franchise to everyone who applies. Take a look at ‘Our family‘ to see if you fit the bill. 
I have other skills to bring to Pink Spaghetti which you don’t currently offer as services – can I offer these in addition? 
We are happy for you to offer additional services if you have specific skills in related areas, and sometimes these can be offered throughout the network. We’d welcome any suggestions you have for additional services. 
Do I get training? 
You get a lot of training! We have a mix of online and face to face training. The first 3-5 weeks is done using our Pink Academy, a mix of modules you work through yourself, and a three week series of webinars covering a wide variety of topics, with exercises and assignments to help consolidate what you have learned. The training is very detailed and will arm you with all the skills you need to start running your business. 
Around week 6 we bring you for 2 days at our Cheshire office – we love the Face to Face approach, it is important we all get to know each other. Here we run sessions that do not work as well remotely.  
Following on from all the initial training we have continual webinars available throughout the year on a variety of subjects that you can attend, and further training at our annual conference. On top of this we often do screen shares on specific subjects if required by a franchisee. 
Do I need to live within my territory? 
Usually yes – although some of our franchisees live outside but very near to their territory. This is to facilitate networking and keep your costs down. 
Can I keep my current full-time job whilst starting a Pink Spaghetti franchise? 
No, we wouldn’t offer a franchise on this basis. Starting your own business takes time and energy, and to build your business requires you to be available for networking and as your clients need you, which will usually be during the day. 
How long does the application process take? 
It depends when you are ready to start. Some people enquire whilst still in full-time employment; others are ready to begin training immediately. Our process can flex to suit your circumstances. 
How much does a franchise cost? 
The initial cost to buy a Pink Spaghetti franchise is £7,995 (+VAT) for an 
exclusive territory. This is for an initial five year term, and at the end of this term 
it can be renewed for another five years by mutual agreement, for no further 
Note that if you buy a franchise as a partnership, an extra fee of £750 will apply to cover training and associated costs for the extra person. 
Is my area available? 
We use online territory mapping software to allocate geographical areas of work. When you contact us to request your Franchising Prospectus we will check availability for you. 
Is there any funding available to help me start my business? 
Yes, There is a government backed loan that is available for people to apply for to cover both the initial franchise fee and some early costs. We can provide further details of this and how to access it. 
Why would join Pink Spaghetti instead of going it alone? 
Setting up a business is a lonely prospect.  
On top of that you need to work out who your customer is, how much to charge and find time for technology changes and marketing. On top of that you have to establish a brand and build a reputation.  
Independent Virtual assistants typically charge less, and trade their time for money, rather than building a bigger business. Not to forget the 50+ other people in our network that are there to support and collaborate with you! 
I’m interested. What are the next steps? 
We are a friendly group of people and no question is too big or too small. Our enquiry process is designed to see if we are right for you and you are right for us. Simply request a prospectus for a more detailed insight into Pink Spagetti. 
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