With businesses having to move to a new virtual world, never before has having an online presence mattered more. Approximately 97% of people learn about businesses online before they do anywhere else. This is why small business owners need digital marketing. Not only is it a must-have tool for promoting your products or services, but it is also one of the main keys to your business’ overall success. 
Let’s run through a few marketing tools that you can easily implement into your business and marketing strategy that will make a huge difference: 
A professional website is one of the most important assets for your business. This is where you show who and what you offer, where you are, and how to get in touch with you. 
Regardless of how often you publish a blog, although regularity is always better, you will improve your website’s visibility online and build consumer trust in your company. You may write these yourself or consider outsourcing this to others. Blogs also offer that ability to add a call-to-action on your posts to subscribe to your blog/receive emails and this is a great way to start collecting leads and potential customers. 
Email marketing is a critical, in fact, 73 percent of millennials prefer communication from businesses to come via email over any other method. Email is not only universally accessible but it is also free and scalable throughout the growth of your business. Use email to send out newsletters (with your new blog posts) or promotions to your existing and potential customers. 
Social Media Accounts 
Whilst it would be easy to write off social media as a simple platform for people to socialize, it’s actually a really powerful business platform. Social media can increase traffic, improve search engine rankings, and even help you to engage with potential customers. Ensuring that you have some presence on the top four sites; Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn will prove invaluable to your business. 
Once you’re on your chosen platforms, make sure engage with customer/follower comments/questions when they post them. This will help to make your company look responsive and credible. 
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