Top 10 Reasons to Hire a VA 

Think of a VA as your remote business development or ops manager - there to support you and ease the load 

We've all been there, starting a business is time consuming and then running and growing it means you end up spending more time working IN, not ON it. The problem is though, that this isn't an efficient or effective way of working and will eventually lead to burn out or at worse, failure. 
We also know that expanding and employing (more) staff can be time consuming and a risk in itself - luckily that's where hiring a Virtual Assistant can help. Here are our top 10 reasons for hiring a VA: 
1. Save time 
Are you bogged down in necessary but simple tasks which stop you spending time on what you really need to focus on to grow your business or look after your customers? Are you behind with your social media posts, chasing invoices or researching potential customers? Perhaps you need someone to write your blogs for you or update your website - all these tasks take time and when you outsource them, the relief you feel can be huge. 
2. Social support 
Maintaining a social media presence is so important for your business. Doing it well takes flair and time, much of which you may not have, so outsourcing to an expert VA is a popular choice. 
3. Efficiency 
A VA will usually charge by time and only for the hours they work on a task so productivity is at its peak. They will also no doubt know a more efficient or effective way of doing a task and may even be able to implement new processes to help speed things up. 
4. Scalability 
Growing a business is great, but with that comes more considerations such as staff. Using a VA means you can grow your business and increase your bandwidth without exposing the business financially. 
5. Extra support at busy times 
It may be that you already have a team but they are stretched to the limit. Hiring a VA can help make their workload more manageable at busy times. 
6. Cost-reduction 
When was the last time you looked at your processes and tasks to work out if they are cost-effective? A VA is an expert in getting things done in the most efficient and effective way possible. They can usually pick up a task quickly and need a lot less training and induction into the business than a full time employee would need. They also work remotely, meaning you don't have to worry about taking on a bigger office space. 
7. Expert and specialised services 
From technical VA services like building a website, to creating CRM systems and email automation, a VA can pick up so many tasks that you may not have the technical knowhow for. The beauty is they can also suggest new ways of working which might help take your business forward. 
8. Improved customer service 
A great benefit of using a virtual assistant is to ensure you keep your customer service levels at 100%. Whether it's replying to enquiries, responding to problems, or asking customers for reviews - a VA can take care of all aspects of the client experience for you. 
9. Technology 
Technology is ever-changing and sometimes keeping pace with everything can be draining. A VA can take care of all this for you and act as your tech expert
10. Ever present 
With a VA, holiday cover is never an issue - you can get the help when you need it on your terms and know that everything will be covered. Similarly, it is a great option if you need sickness or maternity cover or just another pair of hands. 
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