Time Management Tips 

It’s great when your business really takes off. All that hard work and enthusiasm you’ve been pouring into it from the start becomes worth it 

The only thing is… it can all be a bit overwhelming at times. Success can come at a price and if that price is time to yourself, then read on. We’ve a few ways to get you running more efficiently: 
Schedule your week beforehand 
On Sunday, make sure you have an outline for the week ahead. Fit in deadlines and urgent tasks first then work the rest of that week’s work around these. Having it all written down in a timetable will make you feel more organised and a busy week will seem far more manageable. 
Try doing similar tasks together 
Got a whole load of invoicing to do? Then spend a few hours doing them all at once in a big batch. That way you’ll be more focused and will get quicker with each one. 
‘Time block’ specific tasks 
Focus on one task at a time rather than multitasking. That means you’ll be able to plough through it without distraction and get it done quicker – and better. Block off the time in your schedule for when you plan on doing this, depending on whether you work better in the morning or afternoon. 
Deal with the distractors 
We all have something that cries out for our attention when we know we should be working. Whether it’s Ebay, Facebook, a blog or podcast we love, it’s so easy to get distracted on our screens. So, shut down all browser windows and put the phone away in a drawer. That way you’ll be less tempted to stray from the work document you need to get done. 
Have a daily ‘to do’ list 
Who doesn’t like ticking off items on a ‘to do’ list? Organise your list with the most pressing task at the top. Don’t make your list too long though as it’ll feel stressful every time you look at how much you have to do. Just keep it manageable. Six tasks per day is a good number. 
@YEC says: “Prioritizing is one of the most critical time management skills you can master. If you're working off a to-do list that's not arranged in any particular order, it can do more harm than good.” 
Tune in to technology 
Avoid distractions during your working day by getting technology to handle some repetitive chores. You can get a chatbot to answer customer service queries, for instance. Using software for sales and bookings can free up hours that you might otherwise spend on marketing, promotion or other important business tasks. A software accounting app makes complete sense in this respect. 
Remember to recharge 
Sitting in front of a computer all morning or afternoon is counter-productive and it won’t be great for your posture or health either. Instead, schedule time off and go for a walk or lie down with a magazine for half an hour or an hour when the inclination takes you. We guarantee you’ll go back to work refreshed and more enthusiastic than before. 
Got any efficiency tips of your own? If so, we’d love to hear about them so do share… 
But if you’re finding it hard work you’ve got back-up. We can either train you or do it for you, whatever helps to make your life simpler. We’re right here if you need us. Click Here to contact us now. 
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