Sometimes a business owner may want to keep control of their marketing but feel they need to brush up on their skills to ensure they are maximizing its effectiveness. 
Social Media is a great example as there are various platforms to navigate and they are constantly changing and evolving. 
At Pink Spaghetti, we offer a suite of Social Media Training Packages which is a cost effective way for people to learn the basics or work in more depth. 
Below, we share with you how Yasmin, owner of Pink Spaghetti Weston-Super-Mare, delivered specialist LinkedIn training for a client and how it helped their business. 
Tell us a little more about your client and your social media training. 
Recently, I have been working with Kinga, from Vidya Kinga Yoga. Kinga worked for over 10 years in financial services and now teaches yoga with a focus on wellbeing in the workplace. She has a good following on Instagram but wanted to use LinkedIn to promote her business to a new audience, in particular those interested in corporate wellbeing. I ran a two-hour LinkedIn course, to go over all the various aspects of her profile, how to post, what to post, and how best to promote her business to her target audience. 
What do you love about offering this service? 
I really love doing social media training with clients. I have run courses on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp and Pinterest. What I really like is being able to walk people through these platforms, explain features, answer questions, and be able to 'connect the dots' for them on things they might not have understood previously. The benefit for a client is that the service is affordable, delivered completely virtually (if preferred), and (particularly for 1-1 training) I can make it bespoke to that client depending on their exact needs. For example, they might want me to go into more details on one aspect or another and I am happy to go 'off script'. I have also delivered other types of technical training not to do with social media, such as showing one client how to use gmail, Google Drive and how to move emails from one platform to another. 
What are the benefits to a client's business? 
A client receives affordable training that can be done at a time that suits them. It is also very interactive so - unlike watching a YouTube tutorial or a webinar - they can ask me questions in real-time, share their screen etc. I can even pause and let them have a go at doing things as we go along e.g. a client may want to try updating their LinkedIn profile following a piece of advice I have given. They can screenshare so I can watch them while they practice. Following the training, if they need any more advice or support, I am available so they get the continuity if they need any work doing later down the line. 
A Client Perspective 
In the case of my client, Vidya Kinga Yoga, she has now - following my training - updated her LinkedIn profile so that it more closely reflects her current business. She now has an eye-catching top card and cover image, her about and featured section is complete, and she has highlighted her relevant qualifications and experience. She also now has a social media content plan for her LinkedIn and is planning to connect with more people relevant to her industry and make sure her posts are targeted at that market. 
Client Testimonial 
"I have been contemplating for a while now to start using LinkedIn more proactively but did not even know where to start. I was looking for a course that explains the system, its features and how to update it, use it etc etc. 
I have not found the one course that worked for me although I got several suggestions for LinkedIn courses, but those were more around working on your ‘why’ and your ‘avatar’ and I already had those worked out. What I really needed was specific training about the platform and its features and finally I found what I was looking for with Yasmin’s LinkedIn training. The price was super affordable for what she offered. As it was a 1-2-1 training which I preferred as we could make the training very interactive, and really take the time to walk through my profile as she went through her presentation. She allowed me to ask questions and we stopped as many times as I needed to look at things in more detail, and allow me to figure it out all myself as well. 
I loved the presentation/training she offered, just what I needed: practical, detailed, specific, informative and super useful.” 
If you'd like to know more about our Social Media Training Packages, visit our website for more details. 
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