Let’s face it, you’re either an organised person or you’re not 

If you’re organised, it might well follow that you like your business admin to be organised, but if you’re not that type of person – then admin might just be the bane of your life! 

If you’re of the latter disposition – then this blog is for you, as we list our top tips for organising your admin in a bid to help you learn to love it just a little bit more! 
1. Declutter 
It’s hard to get organised if you’re surrounded by clutter or mess. Start as you mean to go on and get ruthless – throw away any rubbish, file away all your documents and tidy up your computer desktop. And don’t forget those emails too – create folders to file them into and keep that inbox empty. Take it a step further and digitise physical documents so that you can store them somewhere like Google Drive, a platform that integrates with Asana
2. Top Templates 
It might sound simple, but do you have templates for email responses, social media posts or blogs? If not, you’d be amazed how much easier things can be when you have these templates saved. 
3. Embrace Automation 
How many tasks do you think are repetitive tasks in your business? There are probably more than you think and it may be that a lot of them could be automated. A little bit of planning could save you hours of productivity. From thank you emails for purchases, invoice payment reminders, to Google review requests – there are plenty of software platforms out there that can do it all for you. 
4. Perfect your Processes 
Before you take the next step, spend some time listing what you need to do to operate your business effectively. Create a workflow and list of processes which standardise what needs to be done and sets the bar for your team members/employees. If you want to be organised, things need to be clear and consistent. 
5. Invest in a Work Management Tool 
Invest in a work management tool such as Asana or Clickup or Monday. This way you can co-ordinate plans, projects and processes in one place. 
At Pink Spaghetti, we love helping our customers with their business admin and have plenty of experience with all of these tips and many more, so do get in touch if you need some help! Click Here to contact us now. 
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