When was the last time you entered a Business Award? 

If you regularly do, then great stuff, but many small businesses just don't feel they have enough time or understand their benefits 

If this is you, then take a look at our top 5 reasons to enter one ASAP: 
1. PR & Marketing 
Even being shortlisted or nominated for a business award can do wonders for your marketing and PR. Be sure to share social posts and emailers letting people know you've entered/been shortlisted/won - most awards will have a tool kit they can send you and even a sample press release you can use. Also, make sure you add award win graphics to your email signature and website. Use the opportunity to engage with fellow nominees and event attendees - look them up on LinkedIn and make sure you connect and remember to congratulate any winners and be gracious whether you win or lose! 
2. Kudos 
As business awards are judged by an independent panel - if you are lucky enough to win or be shortlisted, then this gives (potential) customers and peers the confidence to know that your business is in a good place. If you do proposals, quotes or tenders for work, then make sure you include your award wins as it can act as an impartial thumbs up for your organisation. 
3. Team Morale Boost  
Winning an award is a great chance to thank your team for all their hard work. Make sure you celebrate with them and acknowledge their input in the journey. If funds allow, hold a celebratory gathering and invite family members to really encourage employees to feel part of your business and more motivated to stay and work hard. Some awards also offer employee recognition categories - keep an eye out for these as this is a great way to show support and appreciation for team members. And should you win, why not host a table and invite the team along for the ultimate team-building opportunity.  
4. Business 'Health Check' 
The actual process for entering a business award gives you the opportunity to look at your business with a fresh perspective. Use the process to really drill down on what makes you successful, what makes you different and how you plan to ensure growth and success. This is an invaluable sense check which can in itself really help you take stock of where you are at, where you've come from and most importantly, where you are going. 
5. Talent Acquisition 
Attracting and keeping good staff is always a hugely important part of any successful business - award wins (and the accompanying credibility it brings) can form part of the appeal for potential employees and set you apart from competitors offering a similar salary/package. 
These are just a few of the reasons entering business awards can help your organisation - if you'd like some help researching and/or entering awards, please do get in touch as we'd be delighted to help. 
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