In our previous blog we looked at what virtual assistants do, what skills they require and how to go about breaking into what is definitely one of the most flexible and rewarding business sectors out there. This time we’re going to explain how there is really no better time than now to take that first step to success. 
Whilst we haven’t forgotten about the pandemic that is still prevalent and having numerous effects on businesses across the world, both positive and negative, we genuinely think that this is definitely the time to break into virtual assistant work. 
Isn’t this the worst time to take a risk? 
Of course anyone starting a business wants to mitigate risk and venture into an area of stability, this is one of the most sensible first decisions that anyone can make, and we can confirm that virtual assistants are possibly one of the most stable industries out there at the moment. 
Of course, we are aware that this isn’t the case for many businesses for many reasons but virtual assistants have had the upper hand in resilience for some time now. 
What makes virtual assistant businesses so stable during all this uncertainty? 
In a way, we were built for this kind of thing! As virtual assistants we’re used to the ever changing nature of business and are extremely resourceful, organised and level headed at times of adversity. Not only do virtual assistants have a plethora of skills that can be used in multiple industries for a wealth of clients but we also have one of the most flexible business models out there which makes it difficult for us not to adapt to change. 
So whilst the rest of the world adapts to working from home, working around children, changes to working hours or not having fixed office spaces we’re already accustomed and ready to assist businesses across the UK. 
Surely financially impacted businesses won’t have the finances for hiring VAs? 
Of course, some wont – but this alone is not a new fact and for every client that doesn’t have the available finances to hire a virtual assistant, there is 2 more that will. Thankfully, the wide array of skills that you possess as a VA means you’re not limited to one industry or one type of customer, the business world is your oyster. 
There are so many tasks that businesses need help with both during this pandemic and also as we begin to move out of lockdown. From helping clients to set up online communication channels, assisting with remote working, putting in contingency plans or even marketing solutions – trust us there is plenty of work out there! 
Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. 
Ultimately, even with the mayhem of Coronavirus hanging around, there is no different risk to any business that couldn’t happen in any other situation. It is crucial to maintain level headedness and perspective, staring at the news headlines 20 hours a day and constantly reading of business troubles is not going to help. 
As a virtual assistant, you already have the skills you need and the business structure to survive the pandemic. The success of any business is reliant on the owner, provided you stay accountable, realistic, present and connected then there really isn’t any problem you can’t face. 
Businesses need virtual assistants more than ever right now. 
It’s natural to have concerns before starting any business, we’d be more concerned if you didn’t but at Pink Spaghetti we truly believe that virtual assistants are going to be a huge part of the strange business revolution that is to come. When businesses don’t know where to turn for remote advice, when they need help getting back on their feet or when they’re struggling with a post Covid boom, it will be virtual assistants by their side helping them to get back on their feet. 
For all of the uncertainty about the future shape of businesses or the working world, we can be certain that we, with our resources, skills, knowledge and calmness are the perfect port in this storm. So to that we say, don’t let a pandemic pause your plans or stop your journey. This IS the right time and you ARE the right person! 
At Pink Spaghetti we can help you during every step on your path to becoming a virtual assistant; we have nurtured over 40 virtual assistants from the beginning of their adventure to being fully fledged and successful virtual assistant franchises. Pink Spaghetti is committed to providing you with all the help and support you’ll need to make your business a real success story. 
To support you we offer full training, marketing help and continued support in every aspect of your business. With Pink Spaghetti, you might be on your own, but you’re never alone. 
Pink Spaghetti has an enviable reputation for success and franchisee satisfaction and are the only PA services company in the UK to feature in the Elite Franchise Top 100. We’ve also held a 5* rating for franchisee satisfaction from WorkBuzz for the last 5 years! 
If you’d like to know more about starting a virtual assistant franchise, please contact us on 0333 355 0986 or visit our website to request a copy of our Franchising Prospectus. 
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