Our virtual assistants often start off doing one task for a client and, over time, that one task turns into more until they are often an integral part of that business. Trust is at the heart of this and our franchisees find that once their clients see that they are reliable, efficient, creative and can think outside the box, they feel comfortable passing over more tasks. 
Our latest Service Spotlight illustrates this perfectly and features Namrita from Pink Spaghetti Solihull. Namrita has been providing online business management services to a dynamic tech startup which is really going places. 
Tell us a little more about your client and how you helped them with their Business Development? 
I oversee many aspects of Age Care Technologies business, including developing internal and external marketing materials, management of the website, liaising with other IT contractors and developers and creating online courses
What do you love about offering this service? 
I love seeing the client's vision come to life and being a part of that process. Having clear responsibilities within the business makes me feel incredibly valued. I think that because of the breadth of work that I do with other clients and being a business owner myself, I am able to bring so many different ideas and skills to the table based on not just what I do but also successful case studies within our Pink Spaghetti network
What are the benefits to a client's business? 
The main benefit is that the client is able to focus on the elements of the business that only they can really do. They also don't have the expertise and knowledge of the best way to approach and develop certain processes/systems/collateral and so really rely on us to help guide them through that process. The client now has a great sense of brand identity and brand values which has allowed them to be very clear with who their ideal customer targets are. They have some really exciting opportunities in the pipeline! 
A Client Perspective 
Agecare Technologies recently won an award -The WSIS Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize focused on technology that specifically addresses the needs of people 60+ to achieve and sustain an active and engaged life as they age - for one of their products, the ACT Assessment tool, which helps to better understand the needs of older people. It's an incredibly prestigious award and over 80 companies applied and 12 were shortlisted. 
I'm really lucky to have been involved in testing and reviewing the recent development of the platform. 
Client Testimonial 
“My only concerns about using a EA, were about visibility and communications. Namrita was responsive and present in our business at all times. 
Age Care Technologies is a start-up micro business requiring multi-tasking from all our officers and contractors. 
The EA role is central to providing structure and process for effective team-working. Namrita not only helped put structures and processes in place, but also helped generated a positive and joyous culture in our team. 
Age Care Technologies needed to develop a new website, a social media plan and other communications collaterals. Namrita led this work demonstrating mastery.” 
Ian Philp - Founder, Age Care Technologies 
You can find out more about how our franchisees help small businesses with their Online Business Management or how you can join us as a Pink Spaghetti franchisee. 
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