Why renewing my 5-year contract with Pink Spaghetti was a no-brainer! 
One of the most rewarding parts of being a Virtual Assistant Franchisor is supporting our franchisees as they develop and grow their own businesses. So when a franchisee decides to renew their contract with us after the five year mark, we are beyond proud to see how far they have come. Below is Sandra's story as she shares her journey so far with Pink Spaghetti and explains why she decided to re-sign with us for another five years. 
WOW. It's five years today since I left my part-time job and signed on the dotted line to become the owner of Pink Spaghetti Horsham
It's been a steep, at times frightening learning curve for me. I've discovered a lot about myself, what makes me tick, my love for helping others and have also become an employer, which I could never have imagined when I started my business. I've met some amazing entrepreneurs who have also taken the plunge and stepped away from a secure income to pursue their dreams and ambitions, and it has been an honour to learn from them too. 
5 years ago, after a good few months’ of pondering I tentatively reached out to Pink Spaghetti, I say tentatively as I am naturally cautious, and I was taking a very big leap of faith by leaving my secure well paid corporate life to buy into a franchise. It was daunting, terrifying in fact and I would be risking my rainy-day money, but the moment I met the founders, Caroline and Vicky, my fears were allayed, and my gut instinct told me to go for it. 
They were so lovely, not at all pushy, wanting it to be the right decision for me as well as for them. They explained how the business was run, answered all my questions, and even offered to put me in touch with current franchisees to learn the good, the bad and the ugly about the business. Shock horror there was no bad or ugly, just good, honest! 
The first few years were hard, but I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. Running a business involves a lot of networking, spending time on your own marketing, bookkeeping etc. and of course getting your name out there by networking. Networking was literally a foreign word to me! I didn’t know what it entailed, how to go about it or imagined it would ever become a staple in my vocabulary…. Fast forward a few years and some of the people I have met have become firm friends, another surprise, which I really didn’t believe could happen. 
I have met the most fabulous people over the years, some truly inspiring businesses and have had the pleasure of helping with a variety of tasks. From organising a children’s party, managing an Artist’s Etsy page, Social Media Management, bookkeeping for a gardener to organising a roof and chimney repair. I love that no one day is the same…. 
Has it been easy? No! Am I enjoying it still? Yes! and this is the main reason I have decided to continue my Pink Spaghetti journey. 
The support from all the team and the founders, Vicky Matthews and Caroline Gowing is incredible and of course I couldn't do it without my own wonderful employees, Amanda Brown and Petra Haveman and the awesome Franchisees I collaborate with. They are always at the end of a phone call when I need them and being part of the Pink Spaghetti Family is one that has been a true constant and blessing in my life. 
Here’s to the next 5 years! 
If you're considering starting your own virtual assistant business and would like to know more about joining Pink Spaghetti, you can find out more by visiting our website
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