What was Emily’s initial situation? 
Emily worked part-time for a children’s charity as an Executive Assistant but also did some work as a Virtual Assistant. After the birth of her daughter and end of her maternity leave, Emily returned to work, but she felt like something was missing. 
Although Emily enjoyed PA/EA work, she wanted to focus on her career and work for herself. She knew she had the skills to run a business but didn’t feel confident in completely ‘going it alone’. Whilst thinking about the direction she wanted to take with her career, she began looking for opportunities to work for herself whilst having support. 
How did she think Pink Spaghetti would solve this? 
With the help of Pink Spaghetti, Emily knew she could have the freedom and responsibility of running her own business whilst being supported at each step along the way. Emily liked the fact that there would be support within the franchise from people who have gone through the same thing and who can offer training and advice. 
When researching Pink Spaghetti, Emily was encouraged by the stories of the franchisees and their journey to establishing their businesses. As a mother, the importance of a work/life balance was important to Emily and finding this was possible whilst owning a Pink Spaghetti franchise was refreshing. 
What was the outcome? 
Emily started her franchise with Pink Spaghetti in January 2018 
Emily says: 
“My life is changed so much since I started my business with Pink Spaghetti. I am now able to work the hours I want to work, able to take on the clients I want to take on, and I’m able to do the tasks that I really enjoy. The difference to me is how empowered I feel now, I didn’t realise I would be like this. I didn’t realise the confidence it would give me – being my own boss, managing my own clients and managing my workload – until I made that jump. And that’s quite cool actually, to feel like that. 
Having a Pink Spaghetti Franchise has enabled me to go to every event at my daughter’s preschool without having to ask anyone if I can go, without having to make up the hours, without feeling guilty that I’m not pulling my weight at work. That’s the biggest thing for me.” 
Pink Spaghetti Franchise 
If you are looking for your next career move and want to start your own business, Pink Spaghetti can provide you with all the training and support you require to make your business a success. You may be in a similar situation to Emily and want to focus on your career whilst being your own boss. Alternatively, you may be looking to switch up your career and begin challenging your skills. Whatever position you are in, with our franchise opportunities, you’ll be able to work around your own schedule, giving you the best work/life balance. 
If you would like more information on our franchise opportunities at Pink Spaghetti, you can request a franchise prospectus or email us at [email protected]
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