We’re thrilled to welcome one of our newest franchisees, Vicky Wan, to the Pink Spaghetti family. 
Vicky was the first person to join us through our partnership with Flexible Working People - a fantastic Facebook group which intimately highlights the need for more flexible and adaptable work options, especially for those looking to rejoin the workforce after motherhood or another break like Vicky. We’re working with this group for the next six months. 
We’re delighted to be able to offer that freedom: the chance to own your own business and work the hours that work for you, coupled with all the support of a multi-talented network
We’re always interested to know why our franchisees chose us over other opportunities so that we can live up to their expectations and support them every step of the way. We sat down (virtually!) with Vicky to chat about her experience with Pink Spaghetti so far, and why she’s so excited about the opportunity. 
How did you first hear about and then discover Pink Spaghetti? 
I first heard about Pink Spaghetti through the Facebook group, Flexible Working People. I was job hunting at the time but not finding roles with the flexibility I needed. I thought it sounded interesting so I requested a prospectus. I liked what I read and I’d done some more background research into the company so when I saw an interview with the Pink Spaghetti founders a few weeks later I got in touch with them to find out more. 
And we’re so glad you did! Can you give us a brief outline of your career path up to now? 
After I finished my BSc computing course I went into a career in computer support. As I progressed in my career I became a successful infrastructure manager for a large multinational company. 
That sounds interesting - what made you leave that career? 
Although I loved my career in infrastructure, after the birth of my first child I decided to become a stay-at-home mum. The plan was that I would go back to work once my second child reached school age. Little did I realise that I would be attempting to rejoin the workforce during a global pandemic! 
Why did you choose a franchise rather than go it alone? 
I chose a franchise, and particularly a Pink Spaghetti franchise, because of the support that’s included. Although I own my own business I have access to a large network of other, knowledgeable VAs, who are always willing to offer advice and help as needed. I’m never on my own here. 
How important is flexible working to you and what does it ‘mean’ to you? 
Flexible working was a key requirement while I was job hunting. It was essential for me. I’ve spent the last 10 years raising my children and my time with them is as essential to me as breathing. I wanted to re-establish my career but I was not willing to do that at the cost of my time with them. For me, and for them, a balance was needed. Being able to work flexibly means I can still put in a full working week whilst also spending time with my children. It means I’m still there for the school runs, the playdates and the after-school activities. I’m still there when they need me. 
A work-life balance is so important! How have you found the training and support so far? 
The training I’ve received with Pink Spaghetti has been great. It has added to my knowledge and expertise whilst giving me the confidence I needed to effectively go out there and find clients. The support I’ve received from both the Pink Spaghetti support team and the other franchisees has been excellent. Everyone is always ready to help with whatever I need at the time. 
We do love our community and the amazing support they offer one another - what do you think of our franchisee Facebook group so far? 
The franchisee Facebook group is an invaluable asset. The other franchisees have a wealth of knowledge across a huge selection of topics. Everyone is always ready to share knowledge and help. 
Did you consider any other franchise options and what made you choose Pink Spaghetti? 
I did consider other franchise options before joining Pink Spaghetti. These always played towards my strengths, whether it was a parent and child activity website or a biscuit bakery, but the thing that made Pink Spaghetti stand out was that they provided the complete package you would need to set up your business in conjunction with high quality, ongoing support. 
Is there anything you’re really looking forward to getting your teeth into? 
I’m really looking forward to bringing my technical knowledge into my business. I love spreadsheets, databases and web page design but mostly I like to be able to help people. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve helped take away a stressful situation from someone and made their day that bit brighter. 
Vicky is now the owner of Pink Spaghetti Merton, and we’re excited to see her wealth of experience in action - both in her own business and in lending her knowledge to other franchisees! 
We think our community is what makes Pink Spaghetti so special, and stand out from other franchise opportunities. It’s feedback we get constantly, and it’s wonderful to know that our franchisees feel the same! 
To find out more about joining us all you need to do is get in touch with us today. 
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