We love watching our franchisees flourish and one of the next steps for many is to take on an employee 

For some, this may be the first time they have employed as a small business owner so we provide lots of help and advice around this to make sure they approach it in the right way. 
We asked our franchisee of the year, Kelly-ann Grimes for her top tips on taking on a member of staff for your team.  
Here's what she said: 
1. Take time to find the right person that fits with your values, your business and your clients 
Don't just look at the skills - think about how that person will intergrate into your team/office environment, do you have things in common with them, is their work ethic the same as yours? 
2. Make the first day fun! 
It's always nice to ease new team members into their frst week, for example, we planted Dahlia’s when our latest team started! 
3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate! 
Use Briefs, plan team meetings, share notes and how-to guides, use Loom videos and even set up a team Whatsapp group - the more you share and communicate with your team, the better! 
4. Involve your team in your 90-day goals – let them be part of your success 
Engaged employees are the best employees - invest in them and let them feel involved in your business growth 
5. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business 
This is self explanatory but we really do feel that this is so important, team work really does make the dreram work! 
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