Is going to work costing you more than you think? Here are four ways you can reduce your expenses simply by working from home. 
Many people are choosing to take back control of their lives by starting their own flexible home-based business venture. 
Flexible home-based working opportunities like those that we offer here at Pink Spaghetti won’t only improve your work/life balance and job satisfaction, they can also help you to significantly cut your expenses too! 
Here are 4 cost benefits of working from home that you may not have considered yet. 
The commute 
Is there anybody out there who actually enjoys the commute to work? Whether you spend it packed tightly on a tube or tram, stood checking your watch in the rain at the bus stop, or stuck in traffic in your car, the daily commute is the bane of many people’s life. 
And what’s more, unless you’re one of the lucky few who can walk to work, fuel and public transport usually costs an arm and a leg. 
Cutting out the commute will not only save you a considerable wad of cash, it is also better for the environment and saves you time and stress. 
Even with the best intentions, it’s difficult to get organised enough to make and take your own packed lunch to work every day of the week. 
Buying breakfast, snacks, drinks and lunch out when you’re at work can really add up and become a significant expense. And that’s not to mention all those thank-god-it’s-Friday office lunches down at the pub, breakfast meetings and farewell drinks. 
When working from home it’s much easier and cheaper to raid the fridge and kitchen cupboards to rustle up something delicious with ingredients you already have. 
You may even find that you’re eating healthier and wasting less food. 
If you have a family, then working from home can be a godsend when it comes to cutting down on childcare costs. Working flexible hours allows you to organise your day around other family commitments, like taking your children to nursery or school and picking them up again in the afternoon. You can then cut down on the childcare hours that you might have otherwise been paying for, including early drop-offs, breakfast clubs, or after school and holiday clubs. 
Ok, so you might end up working some strange hours early in the morning or late in the evening, but you’ll be saving money and getting to spend more time with your kids. 
Work clothes 
Working from home allows you the luxury of working in comfortable everyday clothes that help you to feel more relaxed and productive. 
No more uncomfortable stiff collars, ties, or restrictive skirts, and no more spending money on clothes you don’t even enjoy wearing! 
There’s no need to worry about extra household expenses you may incur due to working at home either. 
When you work from home you can claim tax relief for these extra expenses including a proportion of your electricity and gas bills, telephone bills, and business vehicle and travel costs. 
If you are interested in a better work/life balance by working from home, find out more about our virtual assistant franchisee opportunities here at Pink Spaghetti or request a detailed prospectus here. 
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